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i) MISSION: Improve intervention projects of Development Cooperation and Social Action and service management through support to the professionalization of technical and public and private voluntary third sector staff through training and technical assistance.

ii) VISION: Projects for Development Cooperation and Social Action develop professional and consistent manner at appropriate strategic frameworks, focusing on coherence, impact, efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism throughout the intervention process, from identification to evaluation.

iii) GOALS: The foundation aims to contribute to the analysis of the challenges of globalization, to contributing to peace and economic trade transparency through participation in the development of public policy development and strategic research.

iv) VALUES: With the bases will include: Developing tools and methods for the analysis of policies of economic intelligence, the work of agencies and institutions working in the field of forecasting and research, forms of cooperation and support between the government and economic agents. Search. National and international grant to expand community projects  The dissemination by any means at the national and international social and administrative policy community, media and associations, and the practical issues of economic, legal , commercial, financial , scientific or technological developments affecting the world economy character Latin America , Caribbean to the following references. .