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!Al darnos una mano mantenemos nuestras manos trabajando!
! To lend a hand we keep our hands to work! :


   Letter of Invitation: As great  partners  Haitelmex Foundation:

 Dear friends and colleagues,
It is with pleasure that we invite you to become a member of the club of great partners through an annual membership premium or platinum (click to become a new member)

The major partners program of the Haitelmex Foundation is a tailor-made program for leaders of civil society organizations of large and small, medium, and large corporations and institutions as taxpayers or non-taxpayers.

INFORMATION: Being a great partner of the HAITELMEX FONDATION is professing a commitment to the economic development of the Latin American, African and Caribbean region. As a leader in the business community, you have the power to influence. Let us know what your business issues are, We will promote your interests and The entire business community will benefit.

BE GREAT PARTNER OF THE HAITELMEX FOUNDATION: It is to contribute to the process of orientation of the positions of the HAITELMEX FOUNDATION the foundation has the duty to assert the position of all its members.

Our strategic analysis committees feed our thoughts. Be informed. Haitelmex Foundation is pleased to announce that our edition of the Haitelmex Community Journal opens its pages to national and international exchange partners, affiliates, sponsors and others.

BENEFITS AS LARGE PARTNER: The foundation reserves a laptop / tablet as a reward supplement, an advertising space on the website of the foundation and other products at a cost of donation. At the same time (if you are a Platinum member, you benefit from advertising space in the bi-weekly magazine and participate in our international courses at a reduced price, and participate in calls for tenders from our partners throughout the year.)

Enjoy discounts on your purchases and preferential rates offered by many partners.
Show up! Present your call for tenders or form new partnerships. Use our Virtual Business Place to develop business relationships with other members of the HAITELMEX FOUNDATION.

 BILLILLARD: Involvement is your passion. Call her! Share with other Foundation members the events you care about.
Please accept, Madam, Sir, our respectful greeting
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