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HAITELMEX FOUNDATION PROMOTES EDUCATION: As a priority for the country's growth , because education is essential to better face the current competitive environment and support the process of globalization of markets , providing courses in English, French , seminars and participate in national and international events.

A) HEALTH: The objective is to provide, in the country, a better quality of life for people who do not have sufficient financial resources to pay for their care.
B) CULTURE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: Culture and human development are the basis for the integral growth of the person. For this reason, the Foundation promotes gives access to the arts and the diversity of cultural expressions and supports the implementation of appropriate programs to find the ` welfare and family or society.

C) SOCIAL JUSTICE: This program is a contribution to social justice. It also contributes to the benefit of having fewer resources or not, to set at liberty those who are eligible, but are still in prison because of their extreme poverty and ensure their reintegration into their families and society.

D) NATURAL DISASTERS: Haitelmex Foundation add your experience, natural disasters, support the application can occur in regions of Haiti, in the same way as the fraternal countries are accustomed to act in the great natural phenomena.
E) SPORTS: The Foundation “considers sport as a priority at all levels of sport as a source of recreation and dissemination, with elite athletic performance and international competitiveness.

F) AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT: Foundation Haitelmex strengthening agriculture. Organic farming produces food up to three times more than agriculture PLUS • Project Cycle Management Projects Cooperation and Social Intervention (low Logical Framework Approach and Results Based Management) Social Commission provides training courses in identification, formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of Cooperation Projects and Social Intervention Projects as both virtual and face different duration. Planning Organizations and develop training activities of organizational strengthening of third sector organizations ranging from more general aspects such as strategic planning to more specific issues such as fundraising , RSC, association management or community work. Organizations we support organizations conducting training related to managing paid staff, volunteers and management skills, Volunteering Development Plan or Development of Training Plans. Area of Cooperation and Education for Development Cooperation within the area develops specific training regarding Development Education and Awareness, participatory diagnosis, gender, environment, micro-finance and financing of European projects U.S., Canada, Mexico. Social intervention, participation and community development develop training activities related to processes of social exclusion, immigrant integration, gender or dependent elderly and people.

G) SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Our consultants fees Haitelmex Foundation intend to promote the creation of value through social commitment, including its strategy of the institution itself. For this strategy, the Commission has developed Social Plan, which incorporates the analysis of the levels of key business information to meet the needs. Attached to the Plan, has developed a Corporate Plan Crime Prevention within the framework of the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons (Legal Compliance) as part of our policy of Good Institutional.