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Haitelmex Foundation and the national and international representative office through our consultants committee.

A. Our Groups developed and implemented various actions to improve policies, programs and social services to local, regional, national or international projects.
B. Design Plans Corporate Crime Prevention within the framework of the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons (Legal Compliance)
C. Recent amendments to the Criminal Code to include legal persons and individuals with criminal liability.
D. By evaluating its organization, methods of decision-making and management processes, we can establish the necessary mechanisms that conform to the law and ethical standards of management to ensure that the entity adequately meets both requirements. Testimonials and project cycle management
E. Proper management of the project cycle and apply appropriate evaluative approach are mechanisms that reinforce the effectiveness of the projects and train the organization and the communities and people they support to achieve shared goals. Development strategies and institutional strengthening.
F. There are always opportunities to improve the management of each entity evaluating and modifying their processes making them more efficient. Action plans, improvement, development and institutional strengthening affect the optimization of all areas of the organization by understanding it as a whole system and enabling the fulfillment of its mission and the full application of its principles.

 We are a  501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization All Contributions Are Tax-Deductible