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Networking Events  title: 17-20 October 2016  Quito, Ecuador17-20


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Faced with the increasing complexity of operational situations and actors systems, urban programming approach offers a practical and systemic response to the problematics. Urban programming to define and share the components of urban public spaces lived operation traduissant equipment business and the economic political and social project of the project owner in the housing development project and the basic service.
Managerial nature, the urban programming propose establishment of continuous negotiation and arbitration process of reflection with all the political and technical project stakeholders. it also guarantees the continuity of the community's share of the establishment of a decision-making and partnership framework adapted throughout the project process. This introduction to and awareness of urban programming modules for understanding the aims of the strategy gait while identifying its implementing rules concrete for easy carrying more integrated urban operation and better management of arbitration and taking descition .
The goal of our program courtyard medium and long therm is an intervention strategy to support schools to social ecology in all its complexity presents an obstacle; the ability of non-profit organizations and support these overall efforts in promoting urbanization and other program such as ventilation HUMANITARIAN ACTION IN URBAN AND EMERGENCY PLANNING FOR PUBLIC WORKS
The project will be implemented within twenty-four (24) months at national and international level. The research design of a test / retest design involving reference measurements and data from qualitative case studies, including semi-structural interviews, diaries, observations and documentary evidence has been used and other program Programme ventilation; Training in emergency planning for public works This course prepares Course overview explains how public and plans for emergency situations and natural disaster emergency for evacuation in the framework planner.
Key Objective 1 *
To encourage the adoption of housing policies and security of tenure for the poor; and encourage transparent urban governance, accountable and inclusive;
Key Objective 2 *
       to promote the role of women in urban development; and raise awareness of the need for social justice;
Key Objective 3
 To develop and encourage national policies to reduce urban poverty and by realizing cell formation and prevention of humanitarian action in urban areas and emergency planning for public works simultaneously create action the musical animation carries a message for society attiran more people attending our event
Thematic area
 5: Housing and urban basic services:
 6: Urban Ecology and Environment
 New Urban Agenda
Haitelmex and his partner launched an initiative Innovation at the heart of the urban agenda in the context of the preparation of the next conference on internationa URBANIZATION ON HUMANITARIAN ACTION The initiative is built around a series of consultations of our partners. These preparatory to the conference shall be held within SEVERAL other area and also enjoy putting a more ventilation as the social action in the context of urbanization and the natural dessatre offer (the benefits the interests of the donor to promoted our activities as sustainable and long term project for our company and social integration and sustainable component, emphasize the inter exchange for corporate donors to give hand in publishing part of our magazine / forum sponsor of the month as the month for donors may be interested in supporting our programs of social or economic exchange manner

To help governments improve their policies and strengthen institutional capacity, provides a wider range of services for advice and technical assistance to Governments, local authorities. Its activities are focused on housing and urban development, infrastructure, water supply and basic services, planning and development of the environment, disaster management, municipal finance and management, security in cities, and participatory approaches to decision making.
 Awareness Strategy
Twelve schools and NGOs and a musical group as the person ages aminimation company were selected to participate based on the work against bullying. Three NGOs in the study experienced a significant decrease in outright bullying and aggressive behavior. These results are discussed in light of the qualitative results that three organizational models that illustrate the school's preparation process for implementing an intervention. The models describe the cultural, organizational and management that can inhibit or facilitate the promotion of key strategies and commitments. The bitch residence equal access to land; security of tenure; right to adequate housing; equal access to credit; access to basic services. And the Economic Development: strengthen small and micro enterprises, especially those started by women; encourage partnerships between the public and private sector; stimulate productive employment prospects: Social development and poverty eradication equal opportunities to lead a healthy life and away from danger;

 Monitoring strategy
● Share, analyze and develop solutions for gender equality and social and economic justice.
● Learning new skills in capacity building - training methods and research understanding of the economy, and by realizing cell formation and prevention of humanitarian action in urban areas and for emergency planning civil engineering
● Building networks and strategic alliances (South / North, East-West, intergenerational, development / human rights, policy makers / researchers / activists, etc.)
● Make the connection between the problems and sectors in order to obtain an integrated approach to gender equality.
● Strengthen advocacy campaigns - from the transformation of financial institutions to women's rights.
● Planning actions leading to political, organizational and personal and with civil society and other sectors in order to facilitate a low result for international partners
Ventilation program;
Training in emergency planning for public works This course prepares Course overview explains how public and plans for emergency situations and natural disaster emergency for evacuation in the framework planner   ( Register to participate  as new member)