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We communicate with the associations, foundations, non-governmental organizations. Working in the Partner Program dedicated to sustainable international collaborative projects. Renewable energy, forestry, rural and rural women: As a director, Postdoctoral Fellow, Clinical Research Special Interest Group, Health Professionals, users of knowledge, PhD student, student, cycles senior students, student medical, graduate student, etc.

Each week we will send to you (in PDF format) a list of projects in international competition then we are responsible to promote the letter of your target project sponsorships as an additional service for 30 days and we have a program of counseling and training all the year to explain how they work our sponsorships and other training in strengthening. Only this service has a symbolic membership year. If you invite 10 other organizations spend 80% your membership also benefit one month of advertising in the magazine of the Foundation.
We offer tools to increase their competitiveness. Training for companies, the appellants each month. Enjoy our professional workshops help your company or organization to reach higher levels, breaking cultural barriers and even conquer the world! Just enjoy the experience of our business expert meetings monthly in Canada, Mexico, Haiti. Salvador Dominican Republic and others.
Our team will use that information to create a more comprehensive report future grants contests (with summaries, terms and proportions funding) for your organization what would qualify depending on the type of financing is needed.

Service we offer

Haitelmex Foundation is dedicated to IT Service Management, consulting, technical assistance and training in the areas of International Cooperation, Social Intervention, the third sector of social action, the Micro Business Development Sustainable and cultural action. Commission Our consultants help in social development studies environmental and social impact; evaluation ... We offer engineering services blueprint ... for social feasibility studies, detailed design .... Risk management.
Save up to 30% in many of our networking events and training! small, medium enterprises. Enjoy our training workshops to help your company or organization achieve higher levels.
Thanking you in advance for your attention, and waiting to your participation, I take this opportunity to send a cordial greeting.

Analysis Service social development consultants.

Support projects for energy efficiency and renewable energy at an early stage to achieve financial We are looking for ideas on energy efficiency projects and renewable energy as well as through our partners, Discovering the new Strategic Plan, agriculture must be dynamic, modern and sustainable. It must create value for small farmers, entrepreneurs, youth and women. It must also produce affordable, nutritious food for all. This vision is consistent with our mission.

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Servicio Analisis desarrollo social consultores
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