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The Haitelmex Foundation is a non-profit, apolitical foreign subsidiary for support and development of Education, Health, Sports, Culture, Agriculture
In social aspect The educational program we will aim to develop in the provider awareness of solidarity and commitment to society to which it belongs, becoming a true act of reciprocity with it, through plans and programs in the public sector contributing to the academic education and professional training of social service provider.
Online Education:
With the development of the course participants are expected, deepen those general notions of the sciences of language and communication that can be transferred to the practice of teaching in the area of ​​languages ​​like. English or French
Soften the possibility of transferring such notions to his teaching work, critically understand the structure of language in relation to the experiences and experiences of the environment, cultural partner, school continued support in the field of English or French.
At work, very important knowledge of English language especially to progress and serve more efficiently in the work they are entrusted.
The duration of Social Service shall cover a minimum of 6 months. According to the program features courses or work in a period not less than 180 days
Furthermore, currently people who speak English or French, have better opportunities for positions with higher incomes, in hotels, restaurants, customs agencies, international offices, national bi companies, factories, trade, tourism, investigation border, military college etc . within the objectives @ also we contract benefits for all students who enroll in programs language courses, since being members of the civil association are entitled in addition to all the privileges and advantages there as members, as example other training courses such as marketing, public relations, agent d social, sexual, ecological environmental education, and automatic passes to medical consultation services, medicine, dentistry, community Internet, and above all be within the foundation, working while the development of the activities of our foundation ..

100 project ideas are designed
20 innovative projects are written
70% of students who experience barriers to the creation of the company
50% of students master the components of a computer,
600 Young people are trained in practice. Web pages field of communication and writing community.
200 young people are trained in the English and French languages.
150 young people in training physical education.

Recognition has several purposes: recognition can be a motivator for some young people to excel and take risks. Recognition can encourage self-assessment skills, providing a solid foundation for every young person to engage in self-reflection and self-praise without external rewards. Recognition can stimulate and support the efforts of young people engaged in individualized learning, peer competition or cooperation. Recognition, used in all its forms, can provide a balance with the recognition of young people receive as they move through our educational programs to the increasingly difficult challenges.

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