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Services Analysis Consulting /NAICS  CODE 115-112 SECTEUR D'ACTIVITES

Are you a company or NGO, Universities, Hospitals, researchers, professionals: interested in working on projects funded by donors and writing a winning bid  Analysis Consulting Services -: Strategic Design Your Program Support and develop its professional services organization with the writing of the planning and proposal.

Reference-certification letter-affiliation
NOTE: All new ORGANISATION where professional when completing your application must be accompanied by the documents as following requirements parts
Haitelmex Foundation: Supporting talent and future leaders:
Accompanying program for new feminist talents. As part Athletics and grassroots organizations as well as professional.
You are cordially invited to share your experiences with us as non-profit institution directly and our group of WhatsApp on the problems of society in general but especially of women in the context of discrimination and injustice immigration etc. . And strengthening the leadership and partnership necessary to achieve the objective of sustainable development as a major partner.

Also in the recruitment of new talent in business Athletics, under 25 women's sports. You are cordially invited to participate from Haiti, Mexico, Rep - dam- click on the registration form as a new great partner: http: // and accompanies your form on the idea of ​​your projects as sustainable and profitable program.

 Support projects for energy efficiency and renewable energy at an early stage to achieve financial We are looking for ideas on energy efficiency projects and renewable energy as well as through our partners, Discovering the new Strategic Plan, agriculture must be dynamic, modern and sustainable. It must create value for small farmers, entrepreneurs, youth and women. It must also produce affordable, nutritious food for all. This vision is consistent with our mission. You want to know more? Browse our new Strategic Plan (available in English)

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 We are a  501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization All Contributions Are Tax-Deductible 
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