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Capacity building between 63 per training Quarter cycle (4) Point Contact young In total 252 (CSO) Young Quarter Cycle planning to receive a CERTIFICATION AS A NEW CONSULTANTS in Social Development and Culture of Entrepreneurship, educational approach, all components. 


Capacity building 63 people between (CSO) every four months we have 4 point the annual training plan is 252 total for local training between 1008 Young (CSO) Should am receiving an  CERTIFICATE AS A NEW CONSULTANTSin social development and the culture of entrepreneurship, educational approach, all components between social learning strategies and help them register and set up small businesses with government.


  1.   A detailed report of the employment situation for young people in the informal settlement has been prepared
  2.   A training manual on entrepreneurship for young people and (CSO) has been prepared and printed in 290 copies   per x   (CSO) point Contact
  3.   250 young people and (CSO) from the informal settlement has successfully



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Bank Name (Banamex ) or OXXO /7 /ELEVEN Beneficiary Name: Haitelmex Foundation A.C.  Account number is: 972-: 105796

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