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What are our Strategies ?



I. Being a philanthropic organization and private business sector, mainly.  

II . As an organization that generates and applies joint experiments, entrepreneurial talent and economic resources. With air contributes to the specific health, education, sports, culture and agriculture



Identification and contact withresearchers and institutionsworking in the field of     social development in Latin America, Canada, France, USA and the Caribbean. II. II. Develop and   strengthen exchanges and cooperation among key leaders.



In the organization and development of logistics scenarios of health . Planning procedures, equipment and systems! Social feasibility studies and contribute to the implementation of    measures to improve . 




Capacity building between 63 per training Quarter cycle (4) Point Contact young In total 252 (CSO) Young Quarter Cycle planning to receive a Certification as a new consultants in Social Development and Culture of Entrepreneurship, educational approach, all components.


Vision and economic, social and cultural practices that becomes a sustainable environment and an internal structural dimension to understanding both the social setting all necessarily responsible interaction between humans and the environment... Read more

Plan of Action

A- Our Groups developed and implemented various actions to improve policies, programs and social services to local, regional, national or international projects.  B-  Design Plans Corporate Crime Prevention within the framework of the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons (Legal Compliance)...Read More

Design of Shares of Corporate Communication

Communication with all stakeholders in their environment, especially those priority groups for strategy is essential to achieving the goals and mission of each entity includes pillar. Read more

Strategies Methodologies And Other Educational Activities

As a priority for the country's growth , because education is essential to better face the current competitive environment and support the process of globalization of markets... Read more

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